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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

09.15 - 09.50
The Findwise Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2015
Moderator: Elaine Toms, Professor of Information Science, University of Sheffield
Carl Bjornfors, Business Consultant, Findwise
Mattias Ellison, Business Consultant, Findwise

The Findwise Enterprise Search and Findability 2015 survey will be released just before Enterprise Search Europe 2015. This is an invaluable opportunity to benchmark the current status of your search application and your plans fordevelopment against a global survey of enterprise search managers as you start to prioritise search development for 2016. 

09.50 - 10.25
CASE STUDY: Transforming SharePoint 2013 into an Enterprise Search and KM Platform at COWI
Peter Wallqvist, Managing Director, RAVN Systems
Anni Waarst, Intranet Specialist, COWI A/S

Consulting group COWI has migrated from Autonomy to SP2013. This presentation gives client and vendor perspectives on how the business case was made for the migration, and how the migration project was managed - including adding additional functionality to out-of-the-box SP2013 search application. 

Track A — StrategyTrack B — Roundtables
10.25 - 11.00
Lessons Learned from a Community of Search Practice
Kurt Kragh Sørenson, Owner and Intranet Consultant, IntraTeam A/S

IntraTeam runs an Enterprise Search Community of Practice in Denmark and Sweden. This presentation summarises some of the recent discussions that have taken place at the Community meetings and highlights the benefits of bringing together search managers from a wide range of organisations to explore common solutions to user and organisation requirements. 

10.25 - 11.00
ROUNDTABLE: Using Search Logs to Improve Search Performance
Moderator: Helen Lippell, Taxonomy, Metadata & Search Consultant, UK

An opportunity to discuss the use of search analytics to identify and prioritise search development and track the reaction of users. 

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11.00 - 11.30
Coffee in the Sponsor Showcase
11.30 - 12.10
CASE STUDY: Meeting User Requirements – Does One Size Fit All?
Anita Wilcox, E-resources Librarian, UCC Library, University College Cork

Academic libraries manage very diverse collections of documents and information. Four years ago UCC had to make a decision between implementing an e-discovery application or adopting a federated search approach. This presentation tells the story of that development from business case to the way it now meets user requirements. 

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12.10 - 12.45
Presentation of the Tony Kent Strix Award

UKeiG presents the prestigious Tony Kent Strix Award, given in recognition of outstanding practical innovations or achievements in the field of information retrieval. Last year's winner was Dr Susan T Dumais, Distinguished Scientist and Deputy Managing Director and Manager of the Context, Learning, and User Experience for Search (CLUES) Group, Microsoft Research.

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12.45 - 13.45
Lunch in the Sponsor Showcase
13.45 - 14.25
CASE STUDY: Port of Antwerp - “Don’t blame information overload – it’s all about filter failure”
Filip Callewaert, Head Information and Knowledge Management, Port of Antwerp Authority

Search needs to provide access to both information and knowledge. This presentation outlines how the Port of Antwerp has built an application which effectively manages information overload and supports knowledge creation and utilisation. 

14.25 - 15.00
Are We Applying ‘Systems Thinking’ to Enterprise Search? Findings from the Oil and Gas Industry
Paul Cleverley, Researcher, Robert Gordon University

A report on one of the very few research projects to examine enterprise searcher behaviour across a number of companies in the same industry sector. The project results are potentially transferable to other sectors, with practical findings which can help organisations gain a better understanding of user satisfaction, search task performance, anduser interface design. 

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15.00 - 15.15
Tea in the Sponsor Showcase
15.15 - 15.45
Moderator: Valentin Richter, CEO, Raytion GmbH

Your chance to cross-examine our panel of experienced search managers and consultants. We want you to leave the conference with all your questions answered, armed with plenty of ideas and plans to get underway as soon as you return to your office. 

15.45 - 16.15
SETTING PRIORITIES - Search Success in 2016
Jeff Fried, Director of Product Management, Intersystems BA Insight, MIT
Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd, UK

Jeff Fried offers a set of critical success factors for search in 2016, looking back at the conference and bringing together the issues raised by presenters and delegates with his own two decades of search consulting experience.

Close of Conference
This is Day 2 of the Conference Programme.
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