The cost of not attending Enterprise Search Europe

30 September 2015

The cost of NOT finding information is high. IDC estimates that employees can only find the information required to do their jobs 56% of the time.

Your organisation is your information system. Without it you cannot function. Ahead of Enterprise Search Europe we spoke to a couple of our speakers – practitioners just like you, who have successfully faced and resolved search challenges to maximise their business profitability. What they tell us sets out the future for search and a very compelling case for why you must attend Enterprise Search Europe

SEARCH BEHAVIOUR – Researcher Paul Cleverley: “Enterprise search is not just an efficiency time saver, it can be a 'creative assistant', a 'wealth maker'... there is evidence that wasted time could be reduced by around 50% with an effective search system. The key message is that an enterprise search system is not just about the IT/Service engine. The Technical/IT component of a search system requires the other components of Information Management and Information Literacy.”

SEARCH ANALYTICS - Search Consultant Helen Lippell: “More than any other enterprise application, search connects people to the stuff they need to do their jobs. I'm keen to see how one of the best recent features of web search - namely, structured data snippets - starts to emerge in corporate search interfaces and digital workplaces. Instead of making users plough through dull documents or applications, search could start to serve up data and answers people need, when they need them.”

WHAT USERS NEED – Academic Librarian Anita Wilcox: “For universities, effective search reduces the time users spend looking for information, reducing their chances of making uninformed decisions and duplicating work. For businesses, effective search can accelerate the sales process, increasing product/service visibility and increasing customer retention.”

PUBLIC SECTOR SEARCH - NHS Lead Applications Architect Ian Williams: “I’m excited by the possibility of using technology to recognise and extract meaning and concepts from ‘free text’ and using that to ‘tag’ electronic records. The potential uses are rich and varied ...”

THE FUTURE OF SEARCH - Our Keynote Charlie Hull: “Search is the universal gateway to information: if your enterprise search doesn't work - and work well - then your colleagues simply won't be able to work as effectively. Open source enterprise search is the key to economic scalability - you can plan to cope with tomorrow's data as well as today’s while retaining control of your future and avoiding vendor lock-in.”

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