Introducing Our Keynote Speaker: Ed Dale

5 February 2013


The Six Drivers for Search Quality

Ed Dale, Digital Platforms Product Manager, Ernst & Young (USA)

As Ernst & Young’s enterprise search product manager, Ed works tirelessly to improve search both technically and from a user’s perspective. He has 21 years of enterprise information technology experience and has chaired the Northern Ohio Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. Ed Dale’s keynote speech will give delegates a process which they can adopt and use to improve the performance of their search applications.

Based on his own experience of being the business owner of search at Ernst & Young, he will talk about what he regards as the Six Drivers for Search Quality.These are: indexing the correct content; improving content findability; search engine algorithm tuning; search result UI improvement; contextual relevancy and pervasive search experience. He will set out the background on how he has developed and improved these drivers in his own work, and describes some of the projects that the team at Ernst & Young have undertaken.

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