Featured Speakers

  • Martin White
    Intranet Focus
  • Elaine Toms
    University of Sheffield
  • Dale Roberts
    Artesian Solutions
  • Paul Clough
    University of Sheffield
  • Susan Farrell
    University College London
  • Charlie Hull
  • Agnes Molnar
    ECM & Search Expert
  • Kristian Norling
    Norling & Company
  • Valentin Richter
  • Dr Tony Russell-Rose
  • Helen Lippell
    Press Association
  • Simon Hazlitt
    Majedie Asset Management
  • Dan Jackson
    University College London
  • Ronald Hobbs
    Reed Business International
  • Larissa Peeters
    Ernst & Young, LLP
  • Santanu Sen
    HighPoint Solutions
  • Galina Hinova
    IntraFind Software AG

Effective enterprise search is critical to support decision-making, manage risk, and deal with ever-increasing volumes of information.

Join us at conference and product showcase Enterprise Search Europe to learn the strategies and develop the skill sets necessary to make your organisation’s content easily searchable, findable and deliverable, to get the most out of existing search applications, and to prepare for new search projects and investment. You'll take away the knowledge and solutions you need to implement a highly effective search environment that meets the needs of your organisation and its employees.

2014 Keynote Speaker

Dale Roberts

Dale Roberts
Vice President, Professional Services, Artesian Solutions

An innovator in social CRM, Dale engages with clients on the effective use of social analytics and ‘Big Data’ to strategically support sales and marketing. Prior to this, he advised global businesses on analytics and organisational decision-making for two decades, one of which was as European Services Director for market leading analytics provider, Cognos.

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NEW for Enterprise Search Europe 2014:

  • Ensuring that search investment is matched to business requirements
  • The relationship between enterprise search and big data
  • Increasing adoption of open-source search applications
  • SharePoint 2013 search implementation
  • Enhancing website search performance
  • Identifying and meeting user requirements
  • Improving search performance
  • Using search to support collaborative working
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