Thierry Hubert
Darwin Ecosystem
Thierry has over 20 years experience in Knowledge Management, Collaboration Technologies and online Social Networks. Thierry possesses a vision that leverages chaos theory principles to create a new generation of information consumption tools. While working for Price Waterhouse, Lotus Development Corporation and IBM, he helped create and pioneer some of the first recognized collaborative solutions. In his role as Director of Research and Development with Lotus/IBM, he developed a passion for solving the complexity of on-line community dynamics and exploring the economic value of information sharing. Subsequently, the Web 2.0 and information overload has lead him to embrace the chaos theory as a foundation for accelerating awareness, discovery and serendipity as an alternative to semantic engines and process-driven portals. Thierry's technical and managerial experiences extend from positions held at fortune 500 companies throughout North America and Europe, as well as entrepreneurship leading to acquisitions and the building-blocks of his vision.

Sessions by Thierry Hubert
Enterprise Search Europe 2011
Monday 24 October 2011
2:20 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. When Search Meets Awareness

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