Enterprise Search Europe 2011 Presentations

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Monday 24 October 2011

KEYNOTE: How Can Academic and Industry Research Make you and your Customers Happy?
PANEL SESSION: Bringing Enterprise Search and Information Retrieval Together
Trends in the European Search Market
Search-Based Applications: A Pragmatic Response to Big Data Challenges
Increase Competitiveness with Intelligent Search
When Search Meets Awareness
A Taxonomy of Enterprise Search
The Challenges of Multilingual Search
The Complexities of Simplification ā€“ Scaling Real World Search Solutions Without Losing Precision
How do I Find that Expert for my Project?
Ville Nahkuri - 1420_Nahkuri.pdf
Understanding User Expectations
Richard Pinder - Pinder.pptx
Expanding the Value of Enterprise Search
Mike Davis - 1600_Davis.ppt
Plenary Session: The Business Case for Search
Helge Legernes - Legernes.pdf

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Day Two Welcome
KEYNOTE : Implementing Search to aid Knowledge Management
Building a Strong Business Foundation with Open Source Search
Hull & Wicks - 1000_Hull.ppt
Hull & Wicks - 1000_Hull.doc
Implementing Search - Challenges, Usersā€™ Needs and Business Requirements
How to Make your Silent Search Users Talk: Actions Speak Louder than Words
Semantic Search at an International Financial Institution
Implementing and Benchmarking Search at The National Archives
Tim Gollins - 1425_Gollins.pptx
Case Study: A New Chapter for the Guardian Books Website
Unified Search across all Enterprise Content
The Future of Enterprise Search in the European Union
PANEL SESSION: The Future of Search
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